Extraordinary (look it up before you put it down) painter seeking gallerist/manager with the spirit of Peter Grant and the touch of Marian Goodman for fruitful partnership, with longevity in mind.

In other words - a gallerist who can walk the walk but is not afraid of grammar and has some imagination to conjure up an amalgam of these two archetypes backed up by exquisite taste and sound knowledge.

Statement below, if you care for words (###). Also below you will find a myriad ways of getting in touch, if you dare.

I think of painting in terms of narrative. Not any kind of narrative, mind, but the fragmented narrative of cinema, comics, advertising, the chopped up type poetry of spoken word, slogans, quotations - all the way from rap accompanied by a live orchestra and a mixtape of pastors and public soap-box talkers, through to old masters traversing the museum of modern art in chicago, new york and tokyo, along with clowns from a travelling circus and an opera running concurrently albeit intertwined at the kunsthaus vienna and the bauhaus in dessau.

Content is indelibly connected to form, and my work's main character is you. You and life. Life as in what it can be as well as what it is, i.e. - at times boxing ring, other times craddle, while we thread the fine line between childhood and commerce.

I construct semi-abstract narratives in high contrast mostly in oil, with support from other media, including digital, as you can see in my various instagram mosaics and montages as well as multiple other online platforms, criss-crossing multiple accounts, clues scattered everywhere - sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant, often including 2 or 3 layers of narrative interacting in some kind of way with each other.

(###) Take it with a pinch of salt, though, as Stanley Kubrick allegedly once said "If you can talk brilliantly about a problem, it can create the consoling illusion that it has been mastered."

You can look at my paintings here (start from the bottom, scroll up):

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Of course, nothing like the real thing if you're going to scrutinise them, but I won't upload HD images - I know The Internet and it's a reckless landlord who fumbles through your possessions when you're away from home.

You can also get a glimpse of my thought paths here, since you got this far, you might as well:

Meanwhile, if you wish to scrutinise my instagram alter egos, you may notice that the mosaics built in each one of them can be read from top to bottom, like a scroll, as well as bottom to top, like a riverstream littered with cheap fliers.

And in between you can look at them all rearranged by the hashtag-titles which were used to regroup posts across profiles to create a number of other possible narratives interweaved by content, form and theme - e.g.

#theywaslikethatwhenwefoundit, #swimupstreamandfly, #jumplikeaninjabitelikeababoon, #itsapoodlenow and so on.

Modern palimpsests, if you like: